Saturday Afternoon Tour & Tastings at No Label Brewery

Challenge Your Tastebuds with Some of Houston’s Most Popular Craft Beer

It’s a hot, steamy afternoon in Katy, TX – a suburb of Houston – but at No Label Brewery’s Saturday Tasting & Tour, no one seems to mind. There’s plenty of shade available, the cold beer is flowing and there are plenty of smiles to go around. $8 gets you an 8oz souvenir glass that can be filled four times. The beer line looks long but moves quickly as enthusiasts of the world’s third most consumed beverage get a taste of something new or a refill on one of their favorites. In the gift shop, one can purchase a pint glass that has special refill privileges also.

Cheers to The Little Glass That Could; my sample glass got a nice workout

Cheers to The Little Glass That Could; my sample glass got a nice workout on Saturday

The No Label staff was working hard Saturday as the beer line was going strong for the entire three hours of the tasting. Eleven different beers were on tap and I tried four of them. True brew afficianodos may prefer darker, bolder beers than me but I prefer something lighter and crisper. My favorite was Gilley’s Blonde followed closely by their Pale Horse, which is available year round according to their menu.

An acoustic duo was performing rock classics, a cigar vendor had a tent and two food trucks including Pho-jita Fusion were there serving their tasty selections.

The No Label Brewery Tour & Tasting takes place every Saturday from 12pm – 3pm. It’s dog-friendly and kid-friendly. Everyone must show their ID when purchasing their wrist band and glass. People are encouraged to bring their own chairs and some even bring tents. A good time is had by all.


With 11 beers on tap and a nice crowd on hand, the No Label staff was working hard to keep the beer line moving

For more information, check out their website:


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