Can I Get an Amen! Meet Kenneth: Hotel Manager, Minister

He Books Group Hotel Rooms During the Week & Shares God’s Word Nights and Weekends

Kenneth with Tea

Meet Kenneth. As a hotel sales manager, he’ll be happy to assist you if you’d like to book a group of 10 – 24 rooms at the Wyndham Houston West – Energy Corridor, located at Highway 6 and I-10. When he’s not at the hotel, you can find him tending his flock as the Minister at New Creation Body of Christ, located at 6818 Woodrow in Texas City.

And you thought you were busy.

Dedication is one facet of Kenneth’s character that must be called upon daily as he faces both the challenge of sales goals and the responsibility of leading a congregation – not to mention being the father of two young girls.

Kenneth’s love of God, Family and the Hospitality Industry will help guide him down life’s path as he shares joy, comforts parishioners and makes sure his hotel guests are well taken care of.


We salute Kenneth, a true Hospitality Hero.


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