3 Things I Appreciate About Beck’s Prime in Sugar Land, TX

Many of us enjoy spending a little extra time with our pets and most of us enjoy a leisurely lunch outdoors on a beautiful day. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find a dining spot that can accommodate both. The Sugar Land, TX Beck’s Prime location worked out perfectly for these on a recent visit.

On Saturday, my wife and I delivered some goodies and thanked the folks at ABC Animal & Bird Clinic for the care and dedication they showed while we struggled with our Poodle Hailey’s illness and her recent passing.

Everyone loves our Pomeranian, Cookie, so we brought her along. On the way home, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and have an outdoor lunch. We hoped we’d find someplace to enjoy a meal away from home with Cookie, which is a rare event.

Cookie Bcks Prm

This is Cookie. She doesn’t get to dine out much.

We stopped by Beck’s Prime. We were welcomed with no issue and I developed a new appreciation for the restaurant, located on Highway 6 in Sugar Land, just North of the Southwest Freeway.

  1. 1. Beck’s Prime on Highway 6 allows pets in the outdoor seating area

There are so many restaurants out there but what’s a dog lover to do? I went inside to ask  if Beck’s policy would allow us to dine al fresco with our pooch. Cookie’s only 5 lbs. so I asked my wife, Diana, to stand where she and Cookie could be seen. “Absolutely no problem,” said the manager as I motioned back towards Diana and Cookie. I hadn’t even gotten the question out and he let me know it was okay. Already I felt welcome.

Di_Cookie Bcks Prm

Adirondack chairs by the lake invited us to take an extra moment to enjoy the beautiful day

We found a table out on the gravel path that runs alongside the building that also houses Rajin’ Cajun. Cookie’s so cute and so small, I almost can’t imagine anyone having a problem with her but we kept our distance from other diners just in case. We also made sure she never touched the table or went potty anywhere near the restaurant.

2. The Manager brought our food out to us

Sure, we had the pager while we waited for our order but the manager brought my Bacon Cheeseburger, my wife’s Mesquite Grilled Chicken Sandwich and our basket of fries to our table along with napkins, flatware and ketchup. In a fast food environment, that’s some pretty good service.

3. The outdoor setting was perfect – a surprisingly picturesque nook amid the hustle and bustle of Sugar Land

Scenic Bcks Prm

The back of Beck’s Prime borders a small lake, adjacent to a business park. In the lake stands a rock formation where some kids were spending part of their lazy Saturday. The breeze felt nice and the Adirondack chairs were inviting for a post lunch moment of relaxation. The calm water and the ducks marching beside us belied the crowded highway immediately beside the complex.

Ducks Bcks PrmAll in all, it was a good day with good weather remembering our beloved little Hailey. It was all made just a little more special with the added bonus of a lakeside lunch with our newest furry member of the family, Cookie. Beck’s Prime is now on our list of favorite dining spots in the Sugar Land, Texas area.


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