The Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows ~ Houston Texas

Thanks to all the Houston Hospitality Heroes who took care of our out-of-town dog lovers attending the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows this weekend!

Guests came from all over to show their dogs and have them compete in events at the show. The Wife and I are huge dog lovers so we stopped by to take it all in. I thought people might like to see a few pictures of the Agility Competition. Slow and speedy, young and old, all kinds of dogs participated.

A Sheltie leaps over an obstacle

I have a soft spot for Poodles. Here’s one catching a little air.

The Wife & I have a little Pomeranian who’s a real spitfire. Here’s a cousin to the Pom, a Papillon, proving small dogs can compete too!

A little old, a little chunky and pretty darned slow – but a fan favorite all the way!






Follow the Houston Dog Show on Twitter: @ReliantDogShows

Check out their website at:


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