Iron Shark Roller Coaster Expected to Open at Pleasure Pier this Weekend

One of the main attractions of the brand new Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, the Iron Shark, is expected to open the weekend of Friday, June 1 – Sunday June 3.

Part of the Iron Shark will run beside and over the water. Photo from the Pleasure Pier’s Facebook page.

Mark Kane, Landry’s Regional Director, who oversees the Pleasure Pier, announced on 740 KTRH this morning that the much anticipated steel roller coaster, the Iron Shark, is expected to open this weekend. The attraction features a 100 foot “beyond vertical” drop of more than 90 degrees and also takes riders out over the water for a portion of the ride. Facebook followers and fans appear to be in awe of this new “monster” as it gets ready to open and thrill adventure seekers.

The Iron Shark also is reported to have only lap restraints, rather than the more restrictive full shoulder safety bars. This is said to enhance the feeling of danger and excitement. The ride is designed by German amusement ride company, Gerstlauer, and is styled in their popular “Euro-Fighter” design. The company reportedly has a very good track record for safety. Gerstlauer also designed the Pandemonium roller coaster for Six Flags Fiesta Texas and it is their 5th U.S. roller coaster.

The Iron Shark, seen here under construction, features a 90 degree “Beyond Vertical” drop of 100 feet. Photo is from the Pleasure Pier’s Facebook page.

It is expected the Iron Shark will reach a maximum speed of 52 mph and runs for 1,246 feet. The ride should last approximately one minute.

Mr. Kane said Landry’s does not release attendance figures but did say “thousands” of guests attended the Memorial Day Weekend soft opening at the Pleasure Pier and more are expected throughout the summer. The park is still in its “Sneak Peek” phase as more rides and attractions will be opening throughout June. Mr. Kane did also say there is always a possibility the Iron Shark and other rides may not open as planned so please check with the Pleasure Pier as we near the weekend for more up to date information.

For additional information and hours of operations for the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, please visit or call 855-789-7437.


2 thoughts on “Iron Shark Roller Coaster Expected to Open at Pleasure Pier this Weekend

  1. Can’t wait. I was just there Friday with my wife and son. Although the rides where still not fully open, we had a great time. I’ve been going to Galveston for the 2 years and it was my first time to learn about the amazing history of Pleasure Pier. I wish I went there before Hurricane Ike. I never got to see the Flagship hotel. Cool post.

    • Galveston has a rich history of which many people are largely unaware. You’ve given me the idea to explore that more fully and share that with people. Thank you for taking the time to read & respond. I’m glad you had a good time at the Pleasure Pier!

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