Rodeo Houston 2012 Concert Line Up with Artist Links

It’s almost time to gear up for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo! In addition to giving us our annual fix of fried twinkies, mutton bustin’ and calf scrambles, we know its all about the great live concerts performed every night in Reliant Stadium.

Some new acts are scheduled to play as well as some Rodeo Houston favorites. To help you know who’s who, I’ve put some web links with information about the artists by their names and performance dates.

Here’s the concert line up for Rodeo Houston 2012:

Tuesday, February 28 ~ Opening Night

Wednesday, February 29

Thursday, March 1

Friday, March 2

Saturday, March 3

Sunday, March 4

Monday, March 5

Tuesday, March 6

Wednesday, March 7

Thursday, March 8

Friday, March 9

Saturday, March 10

Sunday, March 11

Monday, March 12

Tuesday, March 13

Wednesday, March 14

Thursday, March 15

Friday, March 16

Saturday, March 17

Sunday, March 18 ~ Closing Night


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