Taxi Cab Information for Houston, TX

List of Top Houston Taxi Companies

Yellow Cab Houston ~ 713-236-1111 ~

United Cab ~ 713-699-0000 ~

Taxis Fiesta / Fiesta Cab ~ 713-225-2666 ~

  • Fiesta Cab is good for Spanish speaking guests
  • El taxi de la fiesta es bueno para las huéspedes de habla hispana

Liberty Cab ~ 281-540-8294 ~

Special Note on Downtown Taxi Cab Travel: The City of Houston has a program, officially called Six in the City, where all Taxi companies are supposed to charge no more than $6 per cab ride between any two points within the Downtown Houston area. The boundaries of Downtown are defined by the Freeways that border Downtown.

All Taxi’s working downtown are supposed to adhere to this city policy but it’s been rumored that Yellow Cab and United Cab are the best at sticking to the policy.

The City of Houston has a website with more information. You can check it for more Taxi information as well as contact information for where to file a Taxi complaint at:


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