Bayou City Art Festival Downtown Houston Sat Oct 8 & Sun Oct 9

Don’t miss the 40th Annual Bayou City Art Festival Downtown Houston on Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9.

2 years ago, my wife and I met a photographer there who we later had take a portrait of our dogs. When you’re there, you’ll meet many different artists & photographers from all over the country and there will be a lot of interesting exhibits to enjoy.

Most people attending won’t need a hotel room but please keep in mind that there are big UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) events taking place at Toyota Center and the GRB Convention Center this weekend. Hotels and Restaurants are going to see higher than normal weekend activity so consider making reservations if you’re going to sleep or dine Downtown. Of course, the great news is there are so many more places to eat downtown now than ever.

Roads will be closed nearest to City Hall. There are maps available on the official website.

For more on the Bayou City Art Festival, please check out their aforementioned website at:


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