Upcoming Tight / High Demand Dates as of 9/6/11

One of the most important services I feel Hospitality Hero can provide to those who plan business travel in Downtown Houston is to give updates on Upcoming Tight Dates.

Here’s my latest information on dates you may find it difficult to book hotels and rental cars for Downtown Houston, especially as we get closer to each date.

Please try to make your reservations ASAP or persuade your guests to finalize their travel plans if you think they might need a hotel room on any of the following dates:

  • Mon Sept 12 & Tues Sept 13, 2011
    • These dates are pretty much sold out Downtown by now
    • The Phillies are in town, creating a buzz with the Houston Astros and there are several conferences in town, the largest of which is the 40th Turbo Machinery Symposium at the GRB Convention Ctr
  • Mon Sept 26 & Tues Sept 27, 2011
    • Big Business Travel Days in September this year – hotels are experiencing a lot of Compression in the market
  • Tues Oct 11, Wed Oct 12 & Thu Oct 13, 2011
    • The Texas Municipal League 2011 Annual Conference is at the GRB Convention Ctr
  • Mon Oct 31, Tue Nov 1, Wed Nov 2, Thu Nov 3 & Fri Nov 4, 2011
    • 2011 International Quilt Festival
    • Oct 29 & Oct 30 will see higher than normal demand as well due to a private conference for those affiliated with the Quilt Festival. This is called the International Quilt Market.
  • Saturday Nov 5, 2011
    • Taylor Swift is performing at Minute Maid Park
    • Saturday’s not normally associated with Business Travel but this is worth noting, especially coming on the heels of the Quilt Festival. Hotels closest to Minute Maid Park will be affected the most.

Please check back for further updates on Tight / High Demand Dates.

Gary Riis


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