While I’m Away…

Hello Everyone!

 I’ll be out of the office the week of Memorial Day, May 30 – June 3, returning to the office on Monday June 6. Here’s a list of contacts to help you with various items while I’m away.

 If you’re making or changing reservations:

 The Hotel’s Main number is 713-228-1520. Call the main number and ask for Reservations. If there’s no one there, ask for the front desk and they should be able to help you.

 Emailing our Reservationists directly is a good way to make a reservation as long as you have just a little bit of time before you need a confirmation number. Here’s how you can reach them. Your best bet is to email both of them at the same time.

 Daniel Lofton, dlofton@Ldry.com

 Makana Aranda, maranda@Ldry.com

 If you have a Group arriving soon and / or would like to talk to someone on our Sales Team:

 Rita Fox, Catering & Conference Svcs Manager, 713-315-8304, rfox@Ldry.com

 Coleman Hudson, Director of Sales, 713-315-8305, chudson@Ldry.com

 These are our Front Office Supervisors. They work various hours so the best way to reach them is to call our Main Number, 713-228-1520, and ask for a Front Office Supervisor. They can help with information, reservations and other items you may need.

 Candice Cantu, ccantu@Ldry.com

 Rudy Reyes, rreyes@Ldry.com

 Lourdes Coleman, lcoleman@Ldry.com 

Thank you, Everyone! Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend!!



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