Inn at the Ballpark is now All Non-Smoking

Hi, Everyone!

Inn at the Ballpark has recently gone All Non-Smoking!! We’re following a big trend in the Hotel Industry. Some of the large chains have been 100% Non-Smoking for a while now.

This means that all of our guest rooms are Non-Smoking Rooms. You don’t need to request a Non-Smoking Room anymore.

We have a Smoking Area set up outside our side entrance for those who want to enjoy their cigarettes. However, it is no longer permissible to smoke anywhere inside the building.

Now, Non-Smokers outnumber Smokers by quite  a lot and, as I mentioned, some of the large chains are already completely non-smoking. So far, we’re receiving a lot of positive feedback.

If you have any comments, please feel free to email me at .

Thank You!



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