Why a Hotel Blog?

My clients are very important to me! Whether you’re booking accommodations for others or staying here yourself, things are always happening in our hotel and around Downtown Houston that affect your comfort and how you conduct business.

 The strongest examples of these are Tight Dates – nights when the hotel is Fully Booked or close to being Fully Booked.

 We’re all very busy and I know many of you simply don’t have the time to make hotel needs your number one priority until you run into this little glitch – and then it can become a nightmare!

 With this blog, I can easily bring Tight Dates to your attention. Hopefully, we can help some guests book some rooms before it’s too late.

 There are other reasons you might like to check out my blog. Like I said, things happen in the hotel and downtown all the time so I’ll do my best to keep you posted on matters that affect you most.

 Thank you for partnering with Inn at the Ballpark, Landry’s Restaurants and, especially, with me! You’re all very important and your feedback is welcome anytime!

~ Gary


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